How to play HD games in your galaxy pocket, mini , young etc

Chainfire 3d pro :
Your samsung galaxy pocket (SGP) needs to be rooted in order to use this. How to root -click here
Now this is really helpful if you want to play HD games in your low end device. Games such as Avatar HD, Gangstar West Coast Hustle, Brothers in Arms 2, GTA3, need for speed shift,Nova ,hero of sparta etc..
1- download the APK and install it : chainfire 3d apk
2-download the plugins and extract the file.rar then put these three files in your sd :
3- Open the Chainfire app and select "install plugins" and click on all of them
4- Re-open Chainfire and go to "Default OpenGL Settings" and select "Use plugin" with the plugin you need
5- DONE!!

1) Use Qualcomm or Nvidia plugin as default ...recomendded Qualcomm plugin
2)Use PowerVR plugin for any games or application that need high graphic peformance and better resolution...(per-App OpenGL Settings)
3) Don't us PowerVR plugin as default plugin ,if not your GPU will take some damage.

 Do let us know, if you’re facing any problem with the guide. :D

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